“Peter Waters’ T/aco in Boulder. It is a great concept — simple and doesn’t stray far off the path of serving only great tacos." Duncan Holmes, Executive Chef of Beckon | Call in Denver, Colorado

"This is a tricky question for sure but I’m going to vote for Pasquale Jones." Duncan Holmes, Executive Chef of Beckon | Call in Denver, Colorado.

Denver’s first chef’s counter-only restaurant.

Big show about not one, but two restaurants! Let’s chat about the rock star team behind nationally recognized Call and the recently opened Beckon.

Guests get front-row views of executive chef Duncan Holmes and his team as they sauté, slice, pour, and plate a bounty of Scandinavian-inspired courses.

Part one of a two-part look at the Mile High City's latest and greatest. (Page 32)

Part of a dual concept that includes daytime favorite Call, moody Beckon offers a dining experience like no other in town.

Over the last year, Denver has boomed with new and exciting restaurants, including French fare, Mexican cuisine and bespoke dining experiences you have to book months in advance.

They all serve destination-worthy rolls, loaves, and slices.

A restaurant with a delicious split personality.

Another year, another round of new restaurant trends and experiences.

From breweries to hotels and "fast-fine" concepts, these are some of the openings that caught our hospitality reporter's eye in 2018.

Denver's first chef's counter-only dining experience is now open.

2018 is coming to a close, so it's time to look back and pick our favorites.

Five things to know before you book your ticketed experience at the intimate, Scandinavian-influenced eatery.

Intimate dining is not entirely new to Denver. Chefs counters and micro-restaurants have pushed Mile High patrons to get cozy.

Denver Post | Beckon, by executive chef Duncan Holmes, finally opens next to Call in RiNo

Diners sit around the open kitchen and watch all of the eight courses being prepared right in front of them.

Eater Denver | Denver’s First Chef’s Counter-Only Restaurant Opens Tomorrow

17-seat Beckon is a higher-end follow up to the nationally praised Call in RiNo.

Welcome to Beckon, Denver's only restaurant exclusively serving chef's tasting menus.

As a follow-up to nationally lauded Call, owner Craig Lieberman offers a concept that is more ambitious.