Vol. XI October 2019

The Hunter’s Moon

October's moon rises early and sets late, just before the sun reaches our horizon. The ancestors of this land used the late and long glow to track prey for their winter stockpile. Our gathering instinct leads us to follow in the same pursuit, preserving and preparing the take of summer's final harvest while turning our attention to richer fare for the cold months ahead. Take a chair at our counter and welcome the first month of fall with Chef Holmes and his team for The Hunter's Moon.



Vol. X September 2019

The Harvest Moon

After a few months of flirting and spending many long days together, it's no secret that we have a big crush on summer. Lucky for us, we have a few weeks left to make it official. Chef Holmes and his team gather the last of the season's splendor, every color and flavor as brilliant as ever, for a ravishing affair in the kitchen. Come by for an evening of delights and seductive bites during the moonlit nights of The Harvest Moon.