The Harvest Moon

After a few months of flirting and spending many long days together, it's no secret that we have a big crush on summer. Lucky for us, we have a few weeks left to make it official. Chef Holmes and his team gather the last of the season's splendor, every color and flavor as brilliant as ever, for a ravishing affair in the kitchen. Come by for an evening of delights and seductive bites during the moonlit nights of The Harvest Moon.



Vol. IX August 2019

The Fruit Moon

August is all about the juicy, ripe, and sweet. Irresistible just as they are, the fruits and vegetables of summer play the role of fresh faced protagonist in the hottest month of our summer menu. Chef Holmes compliments their natural savor with a few choice picks from the foragers, fisherman, and ranchers of whom we've grown quite fond. Wine is having her moment too, bringing the kapow! as a sidekick to each dish. Kind of makes you want to wax poetic...or just grab a seat and let the food do the talking.